Alaskan Essences

Harmonize and Energize your Space Using Sacred Space Sprays

About Alaskan Essence Sprays

Alaska is a land of vitality and purity—a place where the elemental kingdoms are still intact, healthy, and exuberant because much of the state has never been impacted by human activity.

We have created four Sacred Space Sprays so that you can access the elemental power of Alaska to cleanse, uplift, and enhance your home and work environments.

These sprays are formulated to address the challenge of maintaining our health in this crowded and fast- paced world. Stagnant and toxic energies accumulate in our
living and working environments from computers and other electrical equipment, pollution, emotional upsets, illness, clutter, and the energies of previous occupants. Over time, these disharmonious energies can have a draining effect on our physical vitality, relationships, productivity, creativity, prosperity, and general well-being.

You can cleanse yourself and your surroundings of these unwanted influences and bring in the fresh, elementally infused energies of nature by utilizing our Sacred Space Sprays along with the simple and straight-forward techniques of Space Clearing.

Each spray contains a combination of Alaskan flower, gem, and environ- mental essences and a complementary blend of the highest quality true essential oils.

Vibrational essences contain subtle patterns of positive, life-affirming energy that support growth and awareness on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Essential oils are volatile extracts from plants that uplift our spirits and delight our senses with their pleasurable aromatic qualities. Their healing support is felt more on the physical and emotional levels. When essential oils are combined with vibrational essences, they bring the subtler qualities of the essences more into the physical dimension, which enhances and prolongs their healing effects.

These sprays were designed to help you evolve from a position of being at the mercy of your surroundings to having a positive effect on them. Our vision is to empower people to create clear, vibrant living and working envi- ronments which will uplift everyone who enters them. Our apartments, houses, and workplaces can then become beacons of light that trans- form our neighborhoods, cities, coun- tries, and the world.


Purification is a spray to cleanse and purify your home and work environments and your personal energy field. It can be utilized to break up and clear stagnant patterns of energy on any level.

This spray contains the four most powerful cleansing and releasing essences in our repertory: Black Tourmaline, Fireweed, Portage Glacier, and Sweetgrass.

The essences are complemented by the essential oils of Peppermint, Lavender Mailette, Black Spruce, and Frankincense. These oils enhance the purifying function of the essences, and add clarifying, sanctifying and refreshing qualities to the spray.

The Purification spray evokes a feeling of cool winds blowing off glaciers. It carries an invigorating blast of ionic energy that washes away tiredness and brings a sense of vital aliveness.

This spray transports the purity of the wilderness into our complex man-made environments, awakening our senses and reminding us of our true natures.

Black Tourmaline • Fireweed • Portage Glacier • Sweetgrass

Use Purification when you need to:

• Release toxic energy from the mind, emotions, and physical body

• Break up unhealthy patterns of energy in an environment where there has been addiction, depression, or abuse

• Revitalize, balance, and stimulate the renewal of energy on all levels of your energy system

• Purify and recharge the environ- ment where there is stagnant energy–the first step in the Space Clearing process


Calling All Angels helps you to contact the love, guidance, and protection of the angelic realm.

It contains Angelica, Chalice Well, Chiming Bells, and Kunzite. These essences bring a soft, loving, serene energy into your heart, physical body, and environment. We selected the following precious essential oils to complement the special essences in this spray: Bulgarian Red Rose Otto, Carnation, Alpine Lavender, and Pink Grapefruit. These joyful and calming oils promote the release of tension and help us open our hearts to the love and peace of the angels.

This spray came out of Jane’s work with children who were having difficulty sleeping, and as a result were keeping their parents up as well. Instead of calling out for mom or dad after waking up, they would use this spray, say, “calling all angels”, and fall back into a peaceful slumber. It became very popular!

Angelica • Chalice Well • Chiming Bells • Kunzite

Use Calling Angels to:

• Come into a stronger awareness of your own angelic nature

• Strengthen the knowledge that you are guided, supported, and protected by the angels

• Experience the love of the angelic kingdom in your physical body

• Bring the essence of joy and peace into your life

• Make a stronger connection to the Divine feminine

• Create a sacred, protected space for sleeping and dreaming


Guardian helps you create a powerful force field of protection in your aura and environment. It contains Covellite, Devil’s Club, Round-Leaf Orchid, Stone Circle, White Violet, and Yarrow. These essences enable you to claim your energetic space, maintain your grounding, and feel the protection of strong, healthy boundaries.

Guardian also contains the essential oils of Himalayan Cedar, Lime, Litsea Cubeba, Melissa, and Tangerine. These oils enhance the protective and grounding qualities of the essences and add uplifting notes of joy and playfulness.

This spray is especially useful for those of us who are highly sensitive. We often feel our sensitivity is a curse instead of a blessing because we don’t know how to keep the energies in our environment from penetrating and depleting us. Guardian reminds us that we are the source of our own protection. It connects us with our inner light and helps us radiate this powerful energy outward into our surroundings. This helps us stay open and sensitive, while feeling sealed and protected.

Covellite • Devil’s Club • Round-Leaf Orchid • Stone Circle • White Violet • Yarrow

Use Guardian when you:

• Are ambivalent about being present in your body and on the Earth, because you don’t feel safe or protected• Are unable to embody your sensitivity in a practical and easy way because of a lack of functional boundaries

• Want to set a grounded and protected energy into your environment

• Work around computers and other electromagnetic equipment

• Are doing Space Clearing, Interior Alignment, Feng Shui, or similar work that requires you to enter into another person’s working or living space


The overall effect of our Lighten Up Spray is to uplift, energize, inspire and nourish. It was created to counteract seasonal or chronic light deficiencies resulting from where people live (extreme northern or southern latitudes), the design limitations of their living and working environments, or the quality of their energy system (energy pathways blocked or undeveloped). It is also helpful for those who are caught up in onerous patterns or situations, or feel cut off in any way from their inner sources of light.

This spray contains Carnelian, Grass of Parnassus, Orange Calcite and Solstice Sun. These essences open and expand energy pathways, dispel stagnant emotions, and encourage a more efficient degree of light circulation in the space that will uplift all who enter.

The essences are enhanced by the essential oils of Blood Orange, Bulgarian Lavender, Combava Petitgrain, Lemon Myrtle, and Ylang Ylang Extra, which add refreshing, sparkling, and uplift- ing qualities to the spray.

Carnelian • Grass of Parnassus • Orange Calcite • Solstice Sun

Use Lighten Up:

• To clear “dark” or “heavy” energy from a space where there has been depression and despair

• To give yourself a lift when you are fatigued, overwhelmed by studying or working too much, or feel a chronic lack of energy on the physical level

• When you want to enhance and increase the circulation of light and energy in your living and working environments

• With animals that must be kept inside for long periods, especially during the winter months

• In the classroom, when you are losing your ability to concentrate

• On plants to give them extra light and energy during short winter days


Animal Care will be most valuable when it is included in the initial care provided for any animal who arrives at a shelter, treatment center, clinic, or sanctuary.

Our Animal Care Spray can be misted around the animal, on its bedding and in its immediate environment. This spray is particularly useful when working with injured animals or those behaving aggressively.

Alpine Azalea • Black Tourmaline • Chiming Bells • Cotton Grass • Horsetail • Jadeite Jade • Lady’s Slipper

Use Animal Care for domestic animals who:

  • Live in large cities, are restricted from normal contact with nature and are alone for much of the day
  • Have been voluntarily given up to an animal shelter because their owners can no longer care for them
  • Have been abandoned and rescued o the streets
  • Have lived in toxic or abusive environments

Use Animal Care for wild animals who:

  • Are brought to a clinic because they have been injured, or their habitats have been damaged or destroyed
  • Are agitated, irritated and exhibiting aggressive behavior
  • Have lived in pet shops and, subsequently, in the homes of people.


The Easy Learning formula facilitates all aspects of the learning process for both children and adults. It works on three levels. The rest is to strengthen your focus so you can pay attention without being distracted by what is going on around you. The second is to increase your ability to integrate information, thereby increasing understanding and the logical application of knowledge. And the third is to improve your capacity to allow higher frequencies of thought into your learning processes.

The Easy Learning formula can be taken internally whenever you need more support for any kind of learning process or experience. Our Easy Learning Spray can be used to refresh, clear, and focus the energy wherever learning is taking place, including dorm rooms, classrooms, and the study area at home.

Blue Topaz • Bunchberry • Lapis Lazuli • Star Ruby • Stinging Nettle • White Spruce

The Easy Learning formula will be helpful for:

  • Studying and preparing for tests and exams
  • Activating interest in new subjects and ways of learning
  • Dissipating mental confusion and increasing clarity and alertness
  • Those who have a tendency to get overwhelmed from too much input
  • Those who are easily distracted and find it difficult to concentrate
  • Increasing the capacity to integrate intuitive thought processes into practical action and implementation
  • Increasing the retention of information from readingand listening to lecture


Travel Ease is specifically formulated to ease the negative effects of air travel, including what is commonly referred to as jet lag.

For maximum effectiveness, begin taking Travel Ease two days before your flight, three times during the night, and for two days after you reach your destination. For extended travel, take every hour you are airborne or in transit.

Using our Travel Ease Spray is a refreshing way to keep your energy field strong, clear and grounded during long flights or train journeys, and when transiting airports and train stations.

Black Tourmaline • Covellite • Smoky Quartz • White Violet • Yarrow

Travel Ease will help you:

  • Feel like you have all the personal space you need, even on a crowded plane
  • Release any toxic or unwanted energies that you absorb during your trip
  • Avoid jet lag by updating your energetic relationship with the Earth as you fly
  • Maintain the overall integrity of your energy field, which is challenged by electromagnetic radiation produced by the plane’s instruments and wiring, and by the noise and vibration generated by the plane during flight


Soul Support is our emergency care formula.

Use our popular Soul Support Spray to calm, ground, and center your environment as well as your energy field. It can be used in all of the situations listed below, especially when oral application is impossible or inconvenient.

Cattail Pollen • Chalice Well • Cotton Grass • Fireweed • Labrador Tea • Malachite • River Beauty • Ruby • White Fireweed

Use it to maintain your strength, balance and stability during any kind of stressful activity or traumatic situation, including:

  • Accidents involving injury, shock and trauma
  • Emotional catharsis and violent outbursts
  • Fear of dying and motion sickness
  • Before, during and after visits to the dentist
  • After receiving “bad” news
  • Post traumatic stress
  • After a fight, argument, or disagreement
  • Divorce, job changes, and moving to a new place
  • Before and immediately after surgery and during recovery

Space Clearing with Sacred Space Sprays

1) Begin by centering yourself and stating that your intention is to clear stagnant, inharmonious energies from your environment and replace them with fresh, vital, harmonious forces from nature. Add power to the process by asking the elements of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water to assist you, along with any other guides or helpers you wish to work with. Give thanks for what is about to take place and for all the support that you have.

2) Cleanse and purify your space. Spray Purification around each room, paying extra attention to the corners and any areas that feel heavy, murky or dense. You may be able to sense the room becoming lighter, clearer, and more neutral.

3) Now you are ready to bring new patterns of energy into the space you have just cleared by using one or more of our three invocation sprays:

  • Spray Guardian when you want to invoke calm, stability, and security.
    This formula sets a grounded, radiant energy into the space which helps each person who enters move into their center and maintain a connection to the source of their protection—their own inner light.
  • Use Calling All Angels when you want to attract the nurturing, uplifting qualities of the angelic kingdom. This spray creates a heavenly feeling of being nestled in a safe cradle of love, joy, and peace.
  • Spray Lighten Up when you want to bring fresh vibrant light into the space and enhance energy circulation on all levels. This formula actually clears and expands existing energy pathways, which increases the amount of vital life force that can flow into and through the space.

4) To complete the process, give thanks and close your connection with the forces of Air, Earth, Water, Fire, and with any other helpers you have called in. Notice the freshness and vibrancy of your environment!

We recommend that you use these sprays regularly to maintain the clarity of your home and work environments. People in the healing professions will benefit from refreshing their rooms between clients. When you travel, space-clear your hotel room when you arrive, and give your rental car a spritz when you pick it up.

If you move to a new home or office, use our sprays to facili- tate your new beginning.

You can also use them any time to cleanse, energize, and protect your auric field. We hope that you enjoy using our Sacred Space Sprays as much as we enjoyed co-creating them, and we would love to hear about your experiences.

Written by:
Jeff Sherman, CEO, Master Herbalist, Biochemist