Upper Cervical Chiropractor

by Specific Chiropractic

Focusing on Neural Correction

Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive solution to resolving problems related to Neural Abnormalities in the spine and nervous system, to allow your body to function and work at its highest capacity.

In our practice, our goal is to correct the problem and then show you how to keep it that way. To do this, we will create a plan of care that is specifically customized for you and your condition. We understand that most people just want a bandage, just as we understand that there are other chiropractors in this town whose main focus is removing symptoms. We think that’s great, but for the folks that actually want to deal with their condition once and for all, we offer our services.

Dr. Subadya is 1 of 100 doctors in the country trained in the International Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association Protocol for Neural Correction. What does that mean for you as the patient?

· ​Specific spinal corrections: No forceful twisting or cracking manipulations
· Objective Measurements: Scientific Pre and Post measurements of physiology
· Corrections that last:  The goal is not to have to keep adjusting you repeatedly but for an adjustment to last and hold.
· Integrity: Honesty and up front answers about your care, results, and dollars

We have served people of all ages and many health conditions secondary to Neural Abnormalities. These include:

· Whiplash and Auto-Injuries
· Neck and Back Pain
· Migraine Headaches
· Vertigo
· Dizziness
· Tinnitus
· Fibromyalgia
· Post-concussion syndrome
· Numbness and Tingling
· Pinched Nerves

· Fatigue
· Decreased Range of Motion
· Degenerative Disc Disease
· Degenerative Joint Disease
· Disc Herniations
· Muscle Spasm/Imbalance
· Shoulder Pain
· Low Back Pain
· Arm Pain (Upper and Lower)
· Leg Pain
· Asymmetry
· Bone Spurs
· Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

· More Secondary Conditions


Dr. Jeremy Subadya received his Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree from Life West Chiropractic College in the Bay Area in 2012. Since then, he has practiced in New York City and is currently practicing in Southern California.

Dr. Subadya has had extensive training in the International Upper Cervical Association Protocol for Neural Correction of the Spine. The reason he has so much interest in the work is because it is a solution that is focused more on a “fix” than a mere patch up of health problems. “Ultimately, we are better able to serve people by helping ​them put their issues behind them so that they can go back to enjoying life.” He has been a guest speaker at Multiple Sclerosis and Trigeminal Neuralgia Support Groups and the YMCA speaking on various health topics.

His experience with chiropractic started as a young age as his father is a chiropractor who still practices in the Los Angeles Area. Dr. Subadya didn’t discover how vital the Upper Neck/Upper Cervical area was until going to Chiropractic school in the Bay Area. What stood out about the specialty was the Advanced Imaging and the fact that a Neural Scanner was used to determine if a patient needed an adjustment. He knew it was going to be his passion when he experienced Neural Correctionfor himself and lingering health problems that he thought he had to live with the rest of his life cleared up such as a chronic right shoulder and neck issues as well as chronic recurring throat infections.

Dr. Subadya is married and when he is not in the office he spends his time checking out new restaurants, training Brazilian Jujitsu, going to church, watching the Lakers, and spending time with his wife.


Very, very nice and accommodating Doctor who truly cares for his patients and knows what he is doing. Thank you!!!!!!


I am a clinical bodyworker and I worked with Jeremy in L. A. before his recent move to the big apple. I am posting this review to help him get a warm welcome. His expertise was exactly what I wanted to refer clients with chronic neck issues. It complemented the work I do. He, like myself, wants the best for his clients and he is willing to work with other practitioners to achieve that.

Christopher P.

Dr. Jeremy was always meticulous and professional. He found the root of my symptoms. After a period of treatment, my posture began to recover, and my pain was relieved. Treatment is short and comfort, but effective. I’m enjoy having treatment every week. I can’t imagine without Dr. Jeremy’s treatments how difficult my life would be.


My neck and hip feel so much relieved after I have treatments with Dr. Jeremy! Very professional and great personality, I have been there for months and I love it ! I have never been this healthy before!

Julia L.

Dr.Jeremy is exceptional at what he does! He’s very knowledgeable and makes you feel very comfortable!!! He’s very gentle and has great bedside manners. The environment is very warm and inviting. I’m Looking forward to our next session! Thank you!

Yolanda V.

I have been seeing Dr. Jeremy for a few months now. His method is different from traditional chiropractor in that he actually asks you questions to determine which part of your body needs adjustments. He uses nerve scanner to see misalignment on your spine, then check your posture. The first few weeks focused solely on my neck, and let the body adjusts and heal itself. I’ve moved on from twice a week visits to twice a month, and I’m feeling a lot better! He genuinely cares for his patients, he makes time to asks about your day and remembers them, he always explains what he will do next and why. He also shows you what kind of stretches would ease your trouble spot! I’d recommend him to anyone 🙂

Agnes A.

Dr. Jeremy S. has consistently given me great adjustments.  Even when I suffered from various injuries, he knew how to adjust me, and suggest ways to help reduce the pain. In addition to his excellent service. he is a nice guy, and I highly recommend him.

Jamal I.

I am so excited to be working with Dr. Jeremy because of how knowledgeable – and GOOD – he is with his work! First, he gave me a free consultation to explain the kind of precise and scientific approach he uses – that nerve scanner is pretty amazing. Second, he takes the time to answer all of my (many) questions. Dr. Jeremy clearly explains his method and his own history with chiropractic, which is helpful because he’s really done a lot of research and practice in his own body – something that is very important to me. Finally, his office is calm, his manner is open and gentle, and his adjusting is spot on. I’ve had 2 adjustments so far and am already feeling positive results. I recommend Dr. Jeremy highly!

Stephanie J.

Dr. Jeremy is very kind, patient, and gentle. He is genuinely concerned about his patients and their well being and only provides adjustments when necessary.  Thanks to his care my teenage daughter found relief from debilitating migraines. When she started treatment she could barely leave the house. She is back to the smiling happy girl she was before and able to enjoy her normal activities.