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Brain Bioenergetics

Neurons are cells that contain mitochondria.

Photobiomodulation energizes neuronal mitochondria, triggering a cascade of beneficial cellular functions.

Some potential effects are : neuroprotective effects, self-repair mechanisms and enhanced function.

Vielight’s patented intranasal stimulation technology and microchip LED technology is a powerful tool for brain photobiomodulation.

Why the intranasal channel?

    1. The intranasal channel lacks hair and skin, which are natural barriers for light energy.
    2. Being just 3 inches from the brain, the intranasal channel is the most efficient channel for photobiomodulating the deeper, ventral brain area.
    3. These deep structures within the brain’s core have important functions, such as long term memory and hormonal regulation.


Photoneuromodulation involves the absorption of photons by neurons, a mechanism that involves brain bioenergetics.

Beneficial effects : enhanced cognition and memory retrieval


Low level photons may disaggregate and improve the structure of erythrocytes, resulting in enhanced cellular oxygen supply and blood properties.

Beneficial effects : improved systemic properties


Brittany obtained her BA in Neuroscience from Colorado College in 2006. She started training under Jeff Sherman in 2007 and, soon after, attended the EEG Institute Training in Woodland Hills.

Brittany utilizes Neurofeedback in order to directly train the function of the brain. The Neurofeedback device observes the brain in action from moment to moment and shows that information back to the person. A reward is given to the brain for changing its own activity to more appropriate patterns. This is a gradual learning process but can assist with a wide variety of conditions.

Brittany also utilizes the Vielight Neuro which uses laser light energy to aid brain development and issues.