Deep relaxation and extraordinary power of Infratonic signals

The VitalRest is a highly effective vitalizing foot rest which combines a gentle foot stimulator with the deep relaxation and extraordinary power of Infratonic signals. When you send these signals up the nervous system to the brain, you bring about a large increase in coherent alpha brain waves, enhancing neural communication all along the nervous system.

Specific benefits include:

  • Reduces pain and numbness
  • Improves foot/feet issues
  • Improves circulation and vitality
  • Accelerates recovery to the entire lower body
  • Improves circulation in legs
  • Promotes deep relaxation
  • Breaks up congestion in the body


Christina Lapinsky is a Reiki Master Healer, Certified in the Usui Reiki System, practicing since 2004. She is also certified in Integrated Energy Therapy® for people and animals.

From a young age, Christina has had a passion for healing people & animals, having a pure intent to help all seek health & happiness in their lives. She also gives intuitive readings, certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner® by Doreen Virtue, PhD.

Using the VitalRest Christina is able to aid her clients in deep relaxation, increased circulation, pain reduction and overall well-being and balance.


I felt more grounded and focused. I was able to go back to work with a clear head & calm mind.

Donna J.

I’ve been recently suffering from severe gout attacks and have been in a lot of pain. Christina suggested I try the VitalRest. After my session I had regained some flexibility in my foot and knee and the pain had gone down which was fantastic. I plan on doing more sessions again soon.

Mike P.

The machine has a relaxing pulsing under your feet and I immediately felt relaxed. I would definitely use this machine again. The results are incredible!

Cassidy B.

On a routine check with Jeff I had mentioned I was having some shoulder pain. He introduced me to Christina’s new machine – the VitalRest. It completely changed my life! 20 minutes! No Pain! No recurrence! So simple. Easy. Will do it as often as I can.


While at a follow up appointment with Jeff, I mentioned I had been under a lot of stress the past week. I was also having pretty severe pain in my hips due to bursitis. He told me about the new machine they had just taken possession of and suggested I try it. He said it would help me to relax and would help with the pain. Christina set me up on the VitalRest and explained that I would feel a slight vibration on the bottom of my feet. That is exactly what I felt. That is it! So simple and easy. You place your feet on the machine and relax.

I can not express how wonderful I felt after the treatment! I was so relaxed, the stress had just melted away! The pain in my hips started to subside about and hour later and got better and better as the night went on. I finally had a good nights sleep, pain free. The next day I was still pain free and feeling wonderful! I will be back to use it whenever I can.