Chasing Away the Effects of Chem Trails

Detoxify your body from toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

Chem trails are a hot topic but one thing is for sure – SOMETHING is being sprayed in our air and not only can we can all see it, many of us are feeling the ill effects.

What are chemtrails and how are they different than a contrail?

A “contrail” occurs when a plane travels at a high altitude (about 30,000 ft. or more) and compresses the air into a water vapor or ice crystals through jet engines or the wing tips pushing through the air. This trail disappears after a minute or so due to evaporation, because it’s water. This is normal.

The term “chemtrail” is a relatively new word, which appeared in the last ten years or more with the appearance of chemtrails. A chemtrail is not normal. 

A chemtrail is very different from a contrail. At first a chemtrail might look a bit like a contrail. However, instead of disappearing like a contrail does, a chemtrail just keeps spreading out and forming a hazy cloud bank. These trails traverse the whole sky and stay for up to around five or even eight hours. They have been known to turn what was originally a clear blue sky into a grey haze.

We’ve all seen a sky that was once clear blue and ended up looking like this…

Another interesting thing to note is a chemtrail is seen when the trails are coming from the rear end of the plane versus the engines of the wings. This is tricky to see unless you are up close but it’s another distinguishing factor.

In our office, we know that chemical (chemtrail) spraying has been increased when we start seeing specific chemicals come up on our client’s Electro-Dermal Screenings and they coincide with specific symptoms. Different chemicals and symptoms come up at different times of the year based on what is being sprayed and we can see that they are directly related. Interesting, huh?!?!

But how do we combat this?

Lately we’ve seen a LOT of lung and respiratory distress which is a different symptom than the typical seasonal allergies.

Our greatest success of eradicating not only the symptoms but the toxic chemicals and heavy metals that our bodies are absorbing is by using a Zeolite Spray called ACZ Nano Zeolite. A few sprays under the tongue aids the body in much needed detoxification!

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ACZ nano Extra Strength Credibility:

  • Is currently prescribed by the leading integrative practitioners in numerous countries across the world
  • Validated by numerous patient case studies with excellent results
  • A proven history of patient health improvement

The original ACZ nano formula was born out of the need for highly effective detoxification agent to meet a demanding list of criteria. These are:

  • Oral administration
  • Rapid absorption into the bloodstream
  • Selectively binds toxic heavy metals and free radicals of all types, such as Mercury and Lead
  • Irreversibly binds toxic heavy metals and free radicals of all types
  • Does not bind nutrient metals such as Calcium, Magnesium, etc.
  • Immediate, profound benefit
  • Safe for long term use
  • Backed by independent research

If you’d like more information on chem trails there is an excellent article written by The Truth About Cancer called “What are Chemtrails and How Are They Harming Our Food and Water?”

Written by:
Jeff Sherman, CEO, Master Herbalist, Biochemist