Nessor Treatment

Clear Emotional Sludge and Past Trauma

What is the Nessor?

The Nessor is not a medical device. It is part of a biofeedback system using Foundational Truth Statements to displace angst and reactivity and instill new habits and motivation. It works through the sympathetic nervous system and all the cells of your body. The Nessor is applied to the “kidney-1” point at the bottom of the right or left foot, depending on what you would like to re-program. While your foot rests on the device you will speak your truth statements out loud to create new truths for your being at a cellular level.


The Nessor helps to release old reactive “programming” and replaces those thoughts with effective affirmations. Treatments open you to a space of inner calm and tranquility. This is a huge opportunity to let go of dysfunctional, unconscious patterns.

  • Addictive Behaviors
  • Fears
  • Physical Trauma
  • Improve & Enhance the Body’s Vitality
  • Promote More Happiness & Joy
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Create Emotional Balance & Boundaries
  • Break Up Patterns of Betrayal/Abandonment


Christina Lapinsky is a Reiki Master Healer, Certified in the Usui Reiki System, practicing since 2004. She is also certified in Integrated Energy Therapy® for people and animals.

Using the Nessor, Christina is able to help you convert angst and reactivity in your life into optimism and forward movement using Foundational Truth Statements and unpredictable Delta frequencies.


I’ve had 2 appointments with Dr. Sherman which was awesome… But today I really want to rave about the Nessor machine session I had with Christina. I’m an open person but still skeptical (you can’t just believe everything without trying it first!) so my first Nessor session I decided to go with the flow and see what happens. I knew that it was supposed to clear some emotional “sludge” which could be affecting my body negatively. I sat with my foot on the machine and for the first minute I was wondering if the machine was on. Then I was startled to feel a movement in my leg then a wave rush through my body… straight to my neck. I have horrible neck pain constantly, and it began to go “numb”. I realized after another minute that it wasn’t numb, it was just out of pain which felt numb to me because I was so used to pain. I left feeling happy, bubbly and motivated (like my true self) and I was very pleased! But the experience didn’t end there. The pain in my neck, which now I realize was the negative energy being stored there, disappeared for TWO MONTHS!!! My fiancé is a chiropractor and he was shocked, he didn’t even have to adjust me anymore!!! It was insane! The pain started to come back a few weeks ago (after a quick trip to my hometown for my mother’s wedding, go figure) so I went back in yesterday to use the machine again. No pain. Again. I am bewildered!!! This machine WORKS! Everyone is different, but an issue that could be plaguing you could actually be from negative energy due to stress/emotional trauma etc. definitely worth a try and see what happens!!! It was life changing for me! And very very affordable! (Their introductory price is only $25 per session…. wow!) Also, I’m starting to think it also helped increase my metabolism. Since I used the machine the first time it seems that my usually sluggish metabolism has sped up, and it feels like I’ve lost weight and toned up without really changing anything. Since the machine clears out negative energy through your kidneys, it could very well have stabilized my metabolism! Bonus! Anyway, you should definitely try this machine. I will use it forever now!!!

Lisa B.