Arterial Heart Screening

The BPro Device Looks After Your Heart!

At last, there is a non-invasive heart screening for that masses that is 99.17% as accurate as the invasive angiogram method. It is also much quicker (typically less than 30 minutes) and costs just a fraction of the price of a standard angiogram. There is no need to visit a hospital. We can perform this screening right in our office using the most advanced technology in the cardio screening market – the BPro Device!

What Does the BPro Device Do?

The BPro Device shows you the condition of your heart and the flexibility of your arteries. It takes just 30 minutes to perform and is non-invasive and completely pain free.

How Does it Work?

The BPro Device uses new technology to measure the Central Aortic Systolic Pressure (CASP) and radial Augmentation Index (rAI) with clinical accuracy.  This can help identify cardiovasular risk and arterial stiffness far better than standard brachial cuff pressure. It provides critical information that can help you identify problems before they become dangerous and/or life threatening.


Soheila Sharif is a Registered Nurse who specialized in the Coronary Care Unit.

With a simple, quick, non-invasive test, Soheila uses the BPro Device to provide information that used to require a very invasive and expensive procedure where a catheter is the inserted and fed through the femoral vein in the thigh and up to the aorta. Through human clinical testing, the BPro device has been confirmed to be 99.17% as accurate as a catheter. The BPro makes this information physically and financially within reach of practitioners and patients anywhere in the world!