Clear Your Emotional Sludge

The NEW State of the Art Biofeedback Healing Device That Helps You Get Your Life Back!

“Fears are so dominant in our lives, and so closely integrated with chronic illness, premature aging and impeded healing.”  Richard Lee, Inventor of Sound Wave Vitality System

What the Nessor can help with ...

  1. This device has been experienced to quickly remove old chronic pain and inflammation from surgeries, accidents and illness
  2. It can support rapid and successful shifting of deep seated mental/emotional patterns by reducing the stuck trauma in the cells to achieve healing/wholeness
  3. It has helped improve and enhance the body’s vitality
  4. Helps to create emotional balance/boundaries
  5. Supports a greater level of mental functioning and mental clarity
  6. Enables the brain’s ability to self-regulate allowing you to make ‘stick to’ lifestyle choices that effect a higher quality of life in all areas.
  7. By reducing stress and calming the mind, it is very effective for sleep disorders


  1. Pain reduced and can return to normal life activities
  2. Inner calm and tranquility/ helps to balance the nervous system
  3. Brings joy, achievement and contribution in life
  4. Greatly improves health and quality of life
  5. Emotional freedom from our reactive habits
  6. Support improved self-realization and conscious awareness
  7. Can bring more happiness and joy
  8. Can create a greater connection to your heart and spirit
  9. Helpful for anti-aging
  10. Can have deeper and longer sleep during the night

Who wouldn’t want to be free of emotional, mental, or physical pain, stress and trauma?

This is the Answer!

The Nessor can catapult you out of those spiraling cycles, release those old reactive fears/phobias, release the obsessive compulsive thinking causing alcoholism, gambling, smoking, love addictions, and overeating etc.

It’s Secondary Benefits Are:

  1. Releasing of physical pain
  2. Faster healing from surgeries
  3. Quicker healing from illnesses
  4. Release of inflammation

How and why can The Nessor provide such deep healing?

The Nessor was invented by Richard Lee.  He was divinely inspired to create a sound and magnetic device that could help people change their unconscious patterns and make more conscious decisions.  So many of us have been to counselors, hypnotherapists, psychologists and alternative health practitioners to clear and release our unwanted negative patterns that cause us so much unhappiness. Many of us have not been to counselors. In any way, Counseling can be a long and challenging time hashing through so much of our past history and then find a way to act and think differently.  Counseling can help but, to get to the root of the trauma that has snowballed into a myriad of complex behaviors protecting ourselves can be done in a very short time with this biofeedback device.

The Nessor Biofeedback healing device was made to send unpredictable Delta waves into the body via the right foot kidney 1 point or left foot kidney 1 point to interact with the etheric/electric body causing a shift in consciousness releasing stagnant electricity or congested sludge.  The Nessor opens us to a space of inner calm and tranquility. The unpredictable Delta waves go throughout the body into every cell softening the cells so they can help release the trauma, inflammation, and pain to restore the cell back to normal again.

Many of us have experienced trauma and physical pain.  When the trauma is still impacting our subconscious mind it is like a video tape playing in the background attracting more of the same frequency.  We continue to go around in a circle until the trauma is released permanently.  The Nessor was designed specifically to send low frequency Delta waves to help release the trauma and stress quickly.  I have read that we cannot successfully release trauma through the conscious left brain therapies.  The left brain holds on tight to prevent us from going directly to the source of our trauma.

From the Nessor sessions, there is long lasting healing and a wonderful positive shift in the quality of your life bringing a new self-realization and a deeper connection to your heart.


The NESSOR project is a beautiful humanitarian outreach.

I recently purchased the NESSOR unit from Sound Vitality. As an advanced Craniosacral practitioner and Reiki master I’m a bit wary of new gadgets on the market. Promising the moon and stars only to fall quite short of the hype. Well, all I can say is, thank God I listened to my intuition on this one. I’ve only had one treatment with the NESSOR using it exactly as the directions dictated. The results? Absolutely amazing. As an extreme sensitive in tune with subtle energy, I could actually feel the cells in my body opening into a flux of sorts. By the end of the short treatment I knew something wonderful had begun.
Armed with the powerful confirmation phrases given with the unit, I embarked on a Nero-reeducation experience which was far from placebo or imagination. A single treatment has changed the way people respond to my presence across the board. In the extreme neoplastic state, the NESSOR put me into a state of heightened neurological malleability. I could feel the confirmation phrases I was repeating, actually entering the cells of my body as new and solid belief (an actualized form of thought). It was a fantastic experience actually witnessing the birth of new cell memory…the changing of a traumatic limiting history in just minutes. Over the next two days the confirmations I continued doing began feeling like emotional fact rather than words. So much so that they actually took on a feeling of aliveness, evolving into higher more powerful statements. The end result? My life has been changed for the better in just ONE treatment. Nothing I have done to date has come close to the use of this device and I thank Richard and the whole research team for their loving work and dedication. The NESSOR project is a beautiful humanitarian outreach.

I never knew day-to-day life could be this easy and peaceful

Now, I am at a level of peace my mind and body have never known. Things that used to ‘trigger’ me are simple observations now. I’ve noticed when there’s a loud unexpected sound, I don’t get the body jerk that I used to get. Dealing with intense emotional issues don’t upset me or exhaust me any longer. The off and on depression has not returned (it’s been over a year). I never knew day-to-day life could be this easy and peaceful. I am forever grateful for Richard Lee’s inventions.

I immediately became calmer and much more relaxed.

As 2017 began and I turned 70, my goal was to find a way to improve my life, both mentally and physically.  While I was investigating options, an e-mail from Sound Vitality arrived.

I had been following the development of the NESSOR over the past year and decided that now was the time to purchase one.

At the end of the first session I immediately became calmer and much more relaxed.  Now, after a few weeks of continued sessions, I am thrilled that at least 50% of my feelings of anxiety and depression have vanished.  The sessions, along with Karen’s support in answering all of my questions and concerns, are releasing me from decades of searching for a way to be more comfortable with myself and my life.  Thank you Richard Lee!

I am delighted to have added the NESSOR to my family of Infratonics.

Nessor has had a more profound impact on my life

I was fortunate to get to meet Richard, the founder & owner of Sound Vitality, a little over a year ago. I had just bought a new car and found I was bothered by the new car smell and fumes. I had very severe chemical sensitivities for many years.  I happened to mention this to him and he offered to let me participate with him using the Nessor.

Well, I was left with pure amazement! My car no longer bothered me and now I am significantly less bothered by perfumes and other chemicals. I still notice them but do not any longer get the headaches and nausea I used to get.

And the best part is that my changes remain more than a year later.

I have tried many modalities over 30 plus years for healing of one sort or another and I can say this experience with the Nessor has had a more profound impact on my life than anything else I have tried.

An extraordinary transformation

I was experiencing debilitating pain following sinus surgery. [ An expert ] suggested treatment with the NESSOR machine. I was in so much pain I could barely concentrate on the affirmations.
Following the treatment, I went back to bed for an hour or more. When I awoke, there was no more pain in my sinuses! It had been almost twelve hours since taking any pain medication, so the only explanation is the NESSOR treatment fulfilled its promise to break up trauma & stress, release pain, and bring calm and peace of mind. After a pain-free night of sleep, I returned to almost-normal level of activity the next day – an extraordinary transformation from my previous state!