Nitric Oxide may support healthy blood pressure and increase nutrients and oxygen delivery to every system, organ, and tissue in the body. In the field of medical research, N-O is being researched for its many benefits, including those that may help the body to:

• Support healthy blood pressure levels
• Support cardiovascular and heart health
• Promote increased circulation throughout the body
• Support normal, healthy circulation
• Support healthy arterial function
• Promote artery dilation for healthy blood flow

N-O helps keep the endothelium healthy; a healthy endothelium helps produce nitric oxide. Maintaining the proper functioning of this cycle is important for those who want to enjoy vibrant health at every age.

Addressing the Problem

Most N-O products available to healthcare practitioners today do not and cannot work effectively. That’s because inherent inefficiencies in human metabolism often limit product efficacy.

Many N-O-based products contain L-arginine or L-citrulline as their active ingredient. Simply giving more L-arginine to a patient with dysfunctional NOS enzymes will likely not provide much benefit since the enzyme that converts L-arginine to N-O is the underlying problem. It’s not possible to fuel a system that is broken.

N-O activity is what directs the repair of the endothelium and recoupling of the NOS enzymes necessary for restoring N- O production. Thus, restoration requires a source of N-O. That’s where Neo40® Pro comes in. It is the only clinically demonstrated solution that may restore nitric oxide levels through breakthrough technology that actually delivers immediate N-O. With continued use over time, Neo40® Pro can help restore endothelial function so that the body can make its own N-O once again.

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Written by:
Jeff Sherman, CEO, Master Herbalist, Biochemist